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Delivery pricing

Distance Regular Refrigerated
0-10 Km 2 KD 2.5 KD
10-20 Km 3 KD 3.5 KD
20-30 Km 3.5 KD 4 KD
30-40 Km 4 KD 5 KD
40-50 Km 4.5 KD 5 KD
50-60 Km 6 KD 6 KD
60-70 Km 8 KD 8 KD
70 Km > 8 KD + 0.250 fils per additional 1 Km 8 KD + 0.500 fils per additional 1 Km

Merged pricing

Ditance Regular Refrigerated
Merged orders < 5 Km from previous location 1.5 KD 2 KD

Bulk pricing

Bulk items Regular Refrigerated
Up to 19 orders 1.5 KD 2 KD
20 orders + 1.25 KD 1.5 KD

Our Bulk rates are based on delivery zones of the 6 governorates of Kuwait, which are Asimah, Hawalli, Mubarak Al-Kabeer, Farwaniya, Ahmadi and Jahra. To qualify as a bulk order the minimum amount of orders per driver is 10 per zone. Drivers can take more than 10 orders up to full vehicle capacity.

Keep in mind that Armada does not charge per-hour, we only charge per-order. Armada has a strong fleet of trained drivers that are equipped with heat-insulated bags and can cover all over Kuwait and can deliver multiple deliveries at once.

Armada fleet manager


25 kd/month

Monthly task limit: 500

Additional tasks: 200 Fils / per task


45 kd/month

Monthly task limit: 2000

Additional tasks: 100 Fils / per task


95 kd/month

Monthly task limit: 10000

Additional tasks: 50 Fils / per task


---- kd/month

Monthly task limit: Custom

Additional tasks: -

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10% discount for
Annual Plans
Basic Pro Enterprise
Price 45KD/month 95KD/month ----KD/month
Monthly task limit 2000 10000 Custom
Additional tasks 100 Fils / per task 50 Fils / per task -
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Auto Assigment
Change task statuses
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Route Optimization
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Common pricing questions

What is a task?

A task is basically a unique delivery task placed and completed through the user interface.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, the plan can be changed monthly if you require to upgrade or downgrade to a different package.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay you invoice or subscription online via PAY link on your invoice, bank transfer, or by writing us a cheque. An Armada wallet feature is also important to start with to ensure payments on time.

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“Thanks to Armada Delivery, getting products delivered securely and on time has never been easier. A highly efficient delivery system backed with a professional support team to help out.”

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