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Armada is an online application that connects our drivers with our coinciding network of merchants. Through our technology, you can track deliveries, hire drivers on-demand, set up delivery networks, and manage your entire operation at the push of a button. We currently host over 1,000 merchants in our ever-growing network.

Armada has two key products: • Armada Fleet Management System (SAAS) The Armada Fleet Management system is a customized service that can be used by businesses to better manage, track and dispatch orders to your own driver fleet. • On-demand delivery Our on-demand delivery service can be used to request drivers from Armada to deliver your packages from point A to B at the click of a button!

Armada caters to a wide array of features to help the customer experience be as fluid, simple, and manageable as possible Track Our technology gives you the ability to track your driver and deliveries at all times. Manage Manage and dispatch to your own fleet using the Armada fleet management system. Analyze Get detailed performance reports of your fleet such as: • Order Acceptance Rate • Drivers Availability • Order Completion Update • Available Working Hours Integrate Deliver a diverse customer experience by integrating Armada with Talabat, Upay, Ordable, Zyda, and many, many more! Optimize Organize your fleet to maximize fleet productivity and minimize human errors by having a seamless delivery operation.

Armada has its own web-based platform where you can request a driver on-demand at the simple click of a button. If you are using the Armada fleet management system, you can dispatch drivers to your own fleet using the same web-based system.

If you are using our on-demand service, you can recharge the Armada e-wallet at any time and our system deducts the delivery charge from your wallet after every successful delivery. If you are using the Armada Fleet management system, you re-charge your e-wallet based on a specific tier-based pricing scheme.

Users can cancel an order at any time through Armada’s ordering platform. Any user that sets up a delivery request is not charged until the order is out and en route to its destination.

We charge our customers based on the distance of your order. Armada does not take a percentage from your total order value.

Sometimes things outside of a driver’s control can cause a delay. Where we can, our team will always try and proactively call you if we become aware that your order might not be delivered within the estimated time, and will work to get your order to your customer as quickly as possible.

In the case of a late amendment to your order, after the driver has left your store the driver can return and collect additional items without any additional charge.

Our driver will contact the merchant for further instructions or have the items returned back to the original pick-up point.

Our drivers carry petty cash and do pay for orders up-front. However, if the driver does not have enough cash in hand the driver collects the amount from the customer and returns that cash within the same day.

We deliver across all of Kuwait.

Depending on the distance of deliveries from your branch, they can take anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes. The closer your customer is the faster the delivery is complete.

Orders aren’t delivered under these circumstances: • Extreme weather conditions • If the country is in a lockdown or curfew Armada delivers to any and all locations across Kuwait!

You can pre-register by signing up on our website and one of our customer success officers will call you as soon as possible.

Currently, Armada serves our clients through a web-based platform (preferably on Google Chrome) with our application launching in the very near future!

Yes, we offer different packages to our customers using the Fleet Management System through our tier-based pricing schedules. We also offer different prices based on the daily delivery volumes for our on-demand delivery service.

Regular PCR tests are conducted for our fleet on a monthly basis and 90+% of our fleet have been vaccinated against COVID-19

Armada drivers receive their own safety kit from our team which includes masks, gloves, sanitizing gel and other hygiene products.

• Contact-free delivery • If any specific health & safety guidelines are provided from a merchant we follow these in accordance with their request.