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Armada API is a feature meant for delivery service users or SaaS users with a pro plan or higher.
Both of these merchants will have an API settings panel to generate keys like explained here.
These keys are used to query our api and they will be the reference regarding the delivery branch.
So basically, merchants and/or their third party aggregators can create delivery requests via these API keys, taking the branch as pickup location and the provided customer details as a destination.


Right now, there are only two endpoints, create a delivery and the query of both one and many deliveries. We are working on the cancellation.
Refer to the Documentation to perform the delivery creation, there will be future updates whenever we finish those tasks above.
Please note that the API Key should be sent in the ‘Authorization’ header using a ‘Key’ scheme.

We send back two useful properties with the delivery creation called one called ‘qrCodeLink the other ‘trackingLink’.
qrCodeLink: It is a link to an SVG image, the QR code that the driver scans in order to start the delivery.
trackingLink: It is a link to a page that shows a live progress of the delivery, we are providing this link to our end clients and it could be useful for you as well.

There is also a field called webhook, you can put there, the URL to which we will send a post request with the delivery updates whenever the delivery status gets updated.We send the full delivery, like you received it at the creation.
It is an optional field, so you can still query the delivery whenever you want to get its last state.

The standard flow of the delivery with the statuses is:
‘pending’ => ‘dispatched’ => ‘en_route’ => ‘completed’.
There are ‘failed’ and ‘canceled’ statuses too.
The Failed status is triggered when there is no driver after several retrials.
The Cancellation is done right now from the merchant dashboard.

Test Environment

You can find the Prodlike environment Here.

The Api URL of the Prodlike environment is: https://api-simulation-env.herokuapp.com/

There is an already a test account created.
Email: mohamed+merchant@armadadelivery.com
Password: Armada2020!
you can create a new branch and generate a key related to it and start testing.

This account will be shared with other testers. If you want your own account just signup and send us an email with the merchant name and we will topup the account.

If you need further information, please let us know.


Key generation
API Documentation
Merchant dashboard for the prodlike environment