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How we work

Through a simple online dashboard, you'll be able to request drivers on-demand based on your needs! You can also track your deliveries at any time, anywhere, and have full access to your order reports and order history.

Why our tech is necessary today


A simple, easy-to-understand delivery solution to all your business needs no matter the size!


Fulfill your delivery needs at the most affordable price around.


An advanced system monitored by our in-house services team 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

What we aim to provide?

Armada aims to provide a seamless delivery experience to our customers through an easy-to-learn system that is customizable depending on the user’s business requirements. Our system is designed to help users tackle their delivery problems in a manner that is quick, efficient and adaptable depending on the scope of your business.

Who do we serve?

Armada serves everyone. From home businesses to start-ups to larger-scale retailers, we cater to everyone and anyone regardless of the size or scope of their business. We currently serve over 1000 vendors across Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

About Armada

Armada is an online application that connects our drivers with our coinciding network of merchants. Through our technology, you can track deliveries, hire drivers on-demand, set up delivery networks as you see fit, and manage your entire operation at the click of a button.

Our Products


Request drivers on-demand and pay as you go via the armada wallet. Sign up today and grow your delivery fleet instantly!

Fleet Management System

A cloud-based tool that can be used to manage, track, and dispatch orders to your own fleet.

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